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Your Partners for Safety Pharmacology

Safety Pharmacology—a distinct scientific discipline that integrates the best practices of pharmacology, physiology and toxicology. The objective of Safety Pharmacology studies is to further the discovery, development and safe use of biologically active chemical entities by the identification, monitoring and characterization of potentially undesirable pharmacodynamic activities in nonclinical studies. Safety pharmacology studies provide important information to assess the impact of your compound for human use and its potential side effects on major organ systems. SRP applies their experience and technical innovation in safety pharmacology and advanced technologies to identify potential functional safety risks of your compound(s).

Safety Pharmacology studies are required to assess the impact of a new chemical entity (NCE), whether small molecule or biologic. Similar in form and structure to toxicology studies, safety pharmacology is defined as studies that investigate the potential undesirable pharmacodynamic effects relative to exposure in or above the therapeutic range.

• Integrated safety pharmacology assessments, from cellular to in vivo studies.

• A tailored approach to the unique needs of each client and compound, with the flexibility and experience to support the evaluation of specialized
   endpoints in your safety pharmacology evaluations.

• Experimental designs to comprehensively evaluate functional safety that allows for seamless progression to traditional toxicology experiments.

Your Partners in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research

Ever more aggressive timelines demand the ability to start pharmacokinetic and metabolism studies quickly and deliver reports to our customers efficiently in order to accommodate client timelines.

We guarantee continued communication during on-going studies and will always contact you directly with any questions or concerns. Additionally by working with us we offer our clients the flexibility to adapt to last-minute changes in study protocols.

SRP offers in vivo PK profiling and analysis that provides a basis for our clients to rank lead scaffolds and choose lead compounds that have desirable drug metabolism, pharmacokinetic and safety profiles.

In addition, a PK component can be added to an Efficacy or Disease Model protocol to assess possible changes within PK parameters during a particular treatment or disease state. These attributes enable our customers to promote the right candidates for their preclinical development.

Expertise, Experience, and a Broad Range of Specialized Capabilities

On-site staff and capacity to start, complete, and report results for in-life and analytical portions of pharmacokinetic and metabolism studies in support of aggressive time lines of clients. Capabilities include:

• Large, rapidly mobilized capacity to conduct in vivo pharmacokinetic,    excretion, and tissue distribution studies.

• Expertise in developing individualized study designs with customized    endpoints.

• Experience with all commonly used laboratory species and dosing routes.

• Rapid turnaround of PK studies, with aggressive time windows for startup    to letter report.

• Biliary Pharmacokinetics Studies may be conducted to determine biliary    excretion and clearance of particular test articles.
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Your Partners for Pre-Clinical Pulmonary Dosing

• Intratracheal (IT) Dosing and Intranasal (IN) Dosing
• Inhalation (IH) Dosing

We design and validate efficient inhalation systems that are appropriate for a variety of chemical entities.

We conduct aerosol characterization in order to allow for the evaluation of particles size, polydispersity and air concentration.

We carefully select the appropriate inhalation system for your study (Nose-only systems, Flow-past or Flow-through systems).

The SRP Advantage:

• A knowledgeable team with over 20 years of experience, who will collaborate with you to design a program meeting your particular requirements. You have easy access to SRP scientists, who serve as your research partners.

• Compact timelines: studies are always completed within tight timeframes.

• Wet and dry test article deliveries and formulations are conducted    routinely.

Our approach allows for flexible study designs and a minimal amount of test article to provide proof of concept or to expedite/augment your current program(s)

We have developed a non toxic and water soluble grease for the safe use with scientific instruments, inhalation chambers, in vivo studies and sensitive scientific hardware (available in 0.5 oz size; please contact us for immediate shipping).

Your Partners for general non GLP Toxicology Studies

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies utilize nonclinical toxicology studies to evaluate the safety of new drug candidates. The pressure to complete these studies accurately, quickly, and economically is greater than ever. With the growing diversity of products in development, evaluating a NCEs safety has become increasingly complex.

Our scientific and technical staff represents a wide range of disciplines and will dedicate their time and skills to your program, from test material preparation through data interpretation, working closely with you in a flexible, responsive manner. Their extensive skills in complex general toxicology studies and ability to respond to unexpected issues enable you to achieve robust, regulatory compliant data with fast turnaround.

    • A knowledgeable team of Researchers who will work collaboratively with you to meet your particular requirements.

    • Compact timelines. Studies are always completed within tight timeframes.

    • Diverse delivery routes with flexible study designs to expedite your program.

    • Easy access to SRP scientists, who serve as your partners.

Expertise, Experience, and a Broad Range of Capabilities

SRP conducts a variety of non GLP toxicology services, supported with formulation development and analysis, and complete toxicokinetic analysis and interpretation.

Routine collaboration with our experts in bioanalytical , DMPK, immunology, histopathology and Board certified toxicologists enables us to conduct studies with integrated endpoints for faster, more cost-efficient results.

    • Pilot/lead optimization

    • Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD) studies

    • Acute studies

    • Subchronic studies

    • Chronic studies

Your Partners for external study sites and internal training of researchers

This service provides our clients with the ability to evaluate, monitor and conduct studies at contract research organizations with oversight by SRP.

SRP’s state-of-the-art methodologies and vast physiological expertise help to interpret and clarify existing data sets as well as to offer both mechanistic knowledge and recommendations that will simplify and define our client’s development process. 

Clients can also decrease startup time and costs by utilizing SRP in training their staff with regard to new models and procedures.


"He is knowledgeable, focused, flexible to task at hand and an effective communicator. He is also a strategic thinker, pushing the limits of innovation to optimize his program’s efforts. Add to that his positive attitude, which carries through to his team, and you have a top-notch R&D leader."

~ Frank Eichmann, MBA
Owner/Founder at Northoak Consulting