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"SRP is a company dedicated to the successful development of pre-clinical candidates. We view ourselves as partners with our clients, our employees and our community. Our vision is your success, the result of innovative technology, the capability to handle any task, and the competence to see it through. We view it as a logical evolution: Capability. Competence. Results."

~ Juergen Pfeiffer, Founder & CEO

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Efficacy Studies

Efficacy studies are of paramount importance to preclinical discovery research and are utilized to measure the efficacy of a variety of chemical entities against various in vivo conditions that model a variety of different human disease states. The use of appropriate and relevant efficacy models provide important decision drivers with regards to research and development efforts. These data allow for the timely decisions in regards to different chemical series, lead compounds and ultimately with them we build a larger body of data upon which the ever important go/no-go decision to proceed to clinical development are made.

Side Effect Models

Side effects are problems that occur when treatment goes beyond the desired effect. Or they are problems that occur in addition to the desired therapeutic effect. It is important to have models to evaluate the side effects of particular drug classes such as drowsiness caused by antihistamines or a hemorrhage from the use of too much anticoagulant (such as heparin) is a side effect caused by treatment going beyond the desired effect. In oncology some common side effects of the treatment include nausea, vomiting, decreased blood cell counts. Preclinical studies serve as a tool to investigate and potentially allow for the mitigation of such side effects before the start of clinical trials.

Safety Pharmacology

Safety Pharmacology—a distinct scientific discipline that integrates the best practices of pharmacology, physiology and toxicology to address potential adverse effects of drug candidates. The objective of Safety Pharmacology studies is to further the discovery, development and safe use of biologically active chemical entities by the identification, monitoring and characterization of potentially undesirable pharmacodynamic activities in nonclinical studies. Safety pharmacology studies provide important information to assess the impact of your compound for human use and its potential side effects on major organ systems. SRP applies their experience and technical innovation in safety pharmacology and advanced technologies to identify potential functional safety risks of your compound(s).


This service provides our clients with the ability to evaluate, monitor and conduct studies at contract research organizations with the oversight by SRP. SRP’s state-of-the-art methodologies and vast physiological expertise help to interpret and clarify existing data sets as well as to offer both mechanistic knowledge and recommendations that will simplify and define our client’s development process.  Clients can also decrease startup time and costs by utilizing SRP in training their staff in regards to new models and procedures.
"His approach to any project is with a great deal of focussed dedication to make sure that the project is executed to perfection, be it building equipment to study nose only exposure of inhalation products to evaluate safety, or develop a hierarchy of test systems to evaluate several compounds to identify potential analgesic products for managing different therapeutic modalities of pain or develop core infrastructure to support vivarium activities in a small leased facility or in-house."

~ Rao Vadlamudi
Director, St. Peter's Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences